Fees And Payments :

1) School fees are charged for twelve months of the year.

2) Monthly fees should be paid on or before the 156 of the scheduled month . Defaulters may clear their dues within the 15th and the last working day of the month with a late fee of Rs 20/- (rupees twenty). An additional fee of Rs 10/-(rupees ten ) will be charged for every subsequent month .

School fees will be collected as follows.

- April and May 5 - 15 April

- June and July 5 - 15 June

- August and Sept. 5 - 15 August

- Oct and Nov. 5 - 15 October

- Dec. and Jan. 5 - 15 December

- Feb. and March 5 - 15 February

4) If the fees are not paid for two consecutive months, before the next installment, the student's name will automatically be struck off the roles. In such case re — admission which is equivalent to fresh admission is left to the discretion of the management.

5) Three months fees are to be paid at the time of admission to any class.

6) Parents are earnestly requested to preserve the receipts issued to them and produce them as a proof of payment of fees, if demanded.

7) Students shall not be allowed to sit for half- yearly or annual examinations unless all dues are cleared in time .