TDe Paul School, Kolkata was established in the year 2007. The school is owned and managed by the Vincentian fathers & brothers of North Indian Province of the Congregation of the Mission (CM) under the Article 29 & 30 of the Constitution of India. The members are catholic priests and brothers belonging to the same congregation founded by St. Vincent De Paul in 1625. This little company thrived to a great spiritual edifice in course of time. Today the Congregation of the Mission has about 4000 members in 46 provinces and 5 Vice provinces scattered over 85 countries in the world.

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Objectives : De Paul stands to :

Enlighten : You are the light of the world. Your light must shine before others, so that they may see the good you do and praise your Father in heaven. (cf.Mt. 5:14 —16)

Empower : Jesus called his twelve disciples and gave them power and authority to drive out all evil spirits and to heal diseases. (Lk 9:1)

Ensure : For you to obtain wisdom and instruction, to acquire well-ordered knowledge, and become just with discernment and integrity. Simple people will become clever and the young will acquire understanding and foresight. (Prov. 1:2-4)

Excel : The sun shines on everything and the work of the Lord is filled with His glory. All His works are beautiful, even to the smallest spark of light. One thing emphasizes the excellence of the other; who could ever weary of admiring his glory. (Sir 42 : 16, 22, 25)